Benefit of Google Authorship Rank For SEO

seo needsAlso thanks to the social networks we have emerged from anonymity in the internet world and we are revealing our true identity. The same way you just keep our “favorite” search engine Google inviting the authors to publish content under its own name and profile.

The reasons are very simple: users naturally rely on the content of a particular person.

The authorship strengthens your website

The authority is a tendency to become increasingly important for the SEO for We know for sure that the search engines provide domains with authority and quality of the links lead to the same favorable treatment.

The responsibility, then, is one of the other signals, either today or in the future, it will become one of the most important signals for the search engines. Not only will depend on the quality of the contents of your website, but also who created The authorship. The same is true in reverse, if an author published some interesting articles in a number of places, the search engines to identify content, assign a much higher value, ie, if your website publishes an article an author of great reputation we can assume that the authority of the students thrive on this.
How to create “fame” a strong proponent?

1 Post frequently. The more content published before get gain confidence and authority. We should focus on creating unique content, even if it means more time and effort, because we are confident that it will succeed.

2 Post at several sites. Should not focus only on the quality of production but also in the place where this content is published. In this way, we can build trust and increase the authority even in the pages that do not belong to us. .

3 Connect the web with Google+ profile. Google allows us to check the link to the author’s web-Author Google. The centerpiece of authorship is Google+ profile that connects all articles published.
The evidence of a link with rel = “author” is the photo display Google+ profile in search results. This result is more interesting for users and increases the likelihood they will click on it.

4 Let’s assets in Google+. We are spending a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter (and in the den of the corner :) ) and many of us are forgetting Google+, but as you can already see, Google+ is becoming more influential in SEO and that is a very good reason not to ignore it. We should share our Google+ profile content, add users in our circles, join communities etc.
Tip: Your Google+ profile picture appear in search results so it is important to choose the most appropriate image. A study by Cyrus Shepard Moz shows profile pictures well chosen traffic can increase up to 35%, goes !, is an interesting right ?, increased and all this with such a small little job.
How will I know if I’m a good author?

A good author constructs a thematic content that people read, make comments, share it and link. At the same time we can observe other signals and statistics of our authority.
Author Rank

The notion of Author Rank is nothing new because it has gone for some time. Google, according to many rumors, it has begun to implement its algorithm as an evaluation system. Rank Author‘s purpose is to determine the value of the quality and experience of the author in the context of specific disciplines and issues. There is, Author Rank Checker tool that attempts to estimate a specific number on the authority of the domains in which a particular author publishes.

SEO Rank Author
Google Author Stats in Webmaster Tools

One function test Google Webmaster Tools are the statistics of the author. Follow this information to get the most out of Google Authorship possible. There are already data of impressions and clicks to content we’ve created (Authorship is marked). Thus we can see why they have been most popular and most interesting to the user items.

Being a good author does not just mean being active in the web, but also in social networks. Klout is a tool that provides information on our most popular posts, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks. Based on this analysis find out what interests our content to friends and followers, and can be reused in other publications. Such content is shared more and probably helps us to strengthen our name as the author.

Author Klout rank
The future of authorship

Although so far we do not know how the search engines use the authority to provide search results, we know that this is the path we must follow. The authority, in the very near future, can play an important role in determining the value of content paper and, therefore, the slogan “build great contentis starting to make more sense with the addition of “building a good content with a good author.

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