Content Marketing For SEO

seo marketingMany people believe that the creation of a website and a little SEO - is the only thing you need to do to get customers online, or create a Facebook page and start posting and wait for customers to come. The truth that the way to attract customers through the use of Internet is totally different.

70% of experts say that the use of content marketing is one of the best ways to get clients online. The purpose of content marketing is to attract and retain customers by creating relevant content consistently and value with the intention of changing or improving consumer behavior.

1 Using the blog to help and not sell

The blog has enormous power to attract customers to their brand. But many people do not use it correctly. If you have a blog this should be a channel to help your audience.

2 Help choose which product fits your needs.

Show your client or visitor the best use of your products and how to further improve the results.
Strengthen your relationship with your customer by offering a useful and high value-added content.
Write what people want to read and answer questions seeking answers.

Create Practical Guides

Practice guidelines are excellent strategies to attract customers because they show how to exit X to achieve Y, in a visual way.

4 Learn what your audience wants

The planner keywords, ubbersuggest among other tools are great ways to understand what the public wants. But in my opinion there is nothing more effective than asking.

5 Create compelling titles

The title is one of the main reasons that makes people read your articles, share them and more.

6 Be yourself

Nothing you write with your speech! This increases and greatly increases your results with email marketing, participation in social networks and comments on the blog.

7 The best time to post

In my opinion there is no universal good time for messages on social networks. As I see each page has its best. Yes you have a different audience with different habits. A good way to know what time is your online audience is having more involvement and interaction.

8 No adverse reactions to criticism

Will be criticized is never easy. But you need to keep your integrity and your company. Not worth offend anyone, nor exalt social networks.

9 Having a clear purpose and defined

This definitely helps a lot to your audience and to attract customers. If you have a purpose and you can turn it into a few words in exactly what you want, you can help your client.

10 No need to sell on the first visit, but you need to get email

Convert prospects into customers is one of the most beautiful art of Internet marketing, people generally do not buy on the first visit to be true. But you do not sell first, just grab the email addresses of your visitors, through the capture of this email can build relationships, understand their perspective and subsequently more customers and sales.

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