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Colors as marketing tools?

Do you know any popular web yellow?

No, the truth is that there are not many web sites that have yellow success.
Why? Yellow is the color of sunny days, sticky notes and canaries, then why not look yellow more websites? For starters …. Is it a commercial color? And if so, how I can help in online marketing?

Marketing and colors
What does the yellow?

Yellow is a color that makes us special heat and stimulates our mental energy.

This mental excitement demonstrates why many children’s toys, articles and programs are associated with yellow, as it plays an important role a child’s learning. Yellow is energetic and cheerful, and is often used to get attention as I like New York taxis ..

However, be careful with the use of this color, so cheerful. While it is beneficial for children, studies have shown that it is easier for people to lose temper and babies tend to mourn more in yellow rooms.
An opaque shade of yellow is associated negatively with disease, decay and is the color of cowardice, prejudice and destructive practice of power.

Yellow is also the most fatiguing to the eye due to high amount of light it reflects. Using yellow as a background on paper or computer monitors, may cause eyestrain or in extreme cases, loss of vision.
Meanings associated with the color yellow

In some cultures, yellow represents peace, but in Egypt meant death. In Japan represents courage and India, yellow is the color of the merchants.
Traditionally, it is used yellow ribbons as a sign of hope.

Marketing and yellow
Why is not that popular use yellow?

As we all know, yellow is the color of many diseases. Do you really want people to remember a disease when visiting a website? Of course not. While some yellows promote learning and happiness, most yellows often leave us with a bad taste in the mouth.

Designers should be careful about using too yellow because it could become overwhelming for the eyes. The yellow color represents sunshine therefore a stare while yellow has the same effect as staring into the sun. Too much yellow can be distracting to the viewer and less attention to the content, which is just the opposite of the goal of a website.

Of course, we should not refrain from moderate use of yellow, we can use it creatively to portray parts of the content.

Colors and marketing

Using yellow as a marketing tool?

Think of the children. The color is nice and cozy for the “kids“. If your website promotes a product or service for children, yellow would be a good marketing option always use it sparingly. When used solely for logos or links, its function is to provoke emotions happy and cheerful, and not distress the visitor.

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