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Many pseudo-SEO professionals focus on building links to increase your ranking, forgetting the impact of Social Media SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a natural process that has its fundamental roots in social media.

All we are using social media to promote the web for, we probably thought of creating a Social Media campaign to promote our product, business or special event.

Social networks are not just a marketing tool. … the Social media supporting the brand by binding each action, interaction and reaction.

What is a Social Media campaign?

Definition - A social media campaign (SMC) is an organized strategic plan used to achieve a goal or objective social marketing through the use of social networks, blogs and other interactive media.

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How to make an effective campaign on Facebook?

The power of Facebook is distributing a fact. While some experts have warned some signs of wear on this social network, the fact is that about one in every seven people on the planet have a profile within it; and there are thousands of companies that dumped their corporate content in it to achieve the most impact on the market.

The big question here is whether are effective advertising campaigns or marketing in the social network. There are examples of great successes and resounding failures. Among the latter, which is held a few months ago the German firm Henkel, which proposed the followers of their official website review what should be the new packaging design for your product Pril cleaning. Well, finally chose the least votes received; which, not surprisingly, did not earned much popularity.

What he had to do to compete?

Fill out a form with personal data after becoming a fan of your page. In just one day, the firm got 50,000 new followers. And what is more important to this company: all data.

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Some tips for effective Facebook campaign

The strategies that can be followed to achieve success with a marketing campaign or advertising on Facebook are many and varied. But, generally, it is always helpful to follow directions such as:

Explain to users the campaign clearly: If you opt for a contest or award voting, participation rules must be simple and clear. Needless to say that it is essential to comply with what is promised.

Be creative: Always examine the campaigns carried out by the competition and try to differentiate themselves by offering innovative aspects or who satisfy the vaunted AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).

Consider the advantages of sponsored ads: Currently, the pay per click sponsored Facebook ads is lower than that of companies like Google. This is a factor to take into account, because its power of diffusion, although smaller, is also very significant.

Set a segment to be contacted: Facebook allows you to set the population segment to which advertising campaigns are going. Hence it is possible, for example, that your ads only appear to users who are college educated 25 to 30 years.

Devise a way to capture user data: When a contest, you can, for example, request email to the user, so that it can later be sent to that account a campaign of e-mailing the same promotion . Thus, it will gain in effectiveness.

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