Types of Links for SEO Part 2

seo marketingNumber of links from Article Directories Winners Losers Conclusion

Many (more than 14% backlinks) 0% 35% Not a single winner after upgrade Penguin, which has many links

Some (1-14% backlinks) 5% 40% among those with some links from article directories is a very high number of losers

Few (less than 1% of inbound links) 95% 25% Almost all the winners want to know nothing of such links

Note: 1

Conclusion: No need to say more – create links from article directories have a negative effect on the positioning of your website.

8 links from Web Directories

Should we use only carefully selected sites! Better … NO!

SEO and web directories links

Links from the web directories

Winners: 8%

Losers: 22%

Ratio: 1: 3

One of the oldest systems of backlinks to your site is high in web directory. Top Web Directories are created by internet fans, but gradually became more and more “abused” to improve SEO http://clickdepotsanantonio.com. Your site … even if optimized, is clean and quality, with registration in the web directory, we run the risk of being next to a “bad neighbor.” Therefore, Google’s trust in such links is very small, but! there are still some that work well and which is worth recording your page.

Number of links from Web Directories Winners Losers Conclusion

Many (more than 14% backlinks) 20% 55% losing rate is almost three times higher for those who have many links to directories

Some (1-14% backlinks) 35% 30% among those with some references to the directories, the number of winners and losers is tied

Few (less than 1% of inbound links) 45% 15% Almost half of the winners, after the upgrade Penguin has very few links in the directories

Note: 2

Conclusion: If you want to create links in the directories, it is recommended to choose only high quality. Good web directories do not allow free registration to any page and continue indexing by Google (eg Dmoz).

7 Social Bookmarks

Well, yes, but only the best sites!

SEO and Social Bookmarking

Links to Social Bookmarks

Winners: 14%

Losers: 32%

Ratio: 1: 2

Move bookmarks from the browser to the online environment, was actually a brilliant idea. The logic is simple: if this Web page shared by many users, it is obvious that adds value. … But, like directories, 95% of these sites work just to linkbuilding. If we want to use such links, you need to carefully select only bookmarks of high quality.

Number of links from Bookmarks Winners Losers Conclusion

Many (more than 14% backlinks) 45% 55% In a direct comparison, the losers have more links from bookmarks

Some (1-14% backlinks) 45% 40% Of those with some links, the number of winners and losers is almost equaled

Few (less than 1% of inbound links) 10% 5% More winners have very few incoming links from social bookmarking

Note: 3

Conclusion: Although the original intent of social sharing links, most social bookmarking services is meaningless. You have to choose only some of which are indexed by the search engines and can help position our website either.

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