Types of Links for SEO Part 3

seo marketing6 links on Portals News: Yes, but not in mass!

Yes, but not in mass!

SEO and Portales News

Links from news portals

Winners: 4%

Losers: 8%

Ratio: 1: 2

Press releases, unlike the previous three types of links, have real content and articles written not only for the purpose of getting links. The utility of the portal for press releases is significantly higher than previous types of links, but even here there are many reservations. …. but even news portals publishing start losing real value, because of the “experts” of SEO why businesses need a local seo company, as they published to create links. For this reason, the credibility of these sites has decreased.

Number of links Portales News Winners Losers Conclusion

Many (more than 14% backlinks) 15% 25% There are more losers among those who have a lot of links in press releases

Some (1-14% backlinks) 25% 25% among those with some links in press releases is the same number of winners and losers

Few (less than 1% of inbound links) 60% 50% There are more winners that have few links in press releases

Rating: 4

Conclusion:. Links in press releases, without a doubt, belong to a quality linkbuilding strategy, however, must be selected by experts.

5 links on portals Questions and Answers

Yes, why not!

SEO and Portals Q & A

Links from interrogative portals

Winners: 1.1%

Losers: 0.9%

Ratio: 1: 1

Often underestimated, these links are links on the websites for questions and answers. To create a link from the web of questions and answers, we may briefly respond to a question with reference to a page where you can find more detailed information. We just answer the questions that we can provide valuable feedback and integrated link adds value. In this way we are able to add value to other types of linkbuilding.

Number of links Portales Q & Winners Losers Conclusion

Many (more than 14% backlinks) 5% 0% There are winners who have a lot of links from these sites

Some (1-14% backlinks) 5% 20% For those who have several links from portals questions predominate losers

Few (less than 1% of inbound links) 90% 0% As you can see, this type of links is not as popular

Rating: 5

Conclusion: Creating links in portals of questions and answers is a technique somewhat recommended.

4 Business Directories Links

Yes, they are great, but only quality! And … I’ve said before, no? ;)

SEO web links directory

Links to company directories

Winners: 2.1%

Losers: 1.5%

Ratio: 1: 1

Like the question and answer sites, directories of businesses have little “representation” in profile “link creators.” Yet the quality of these sites is absolutely justified, although the “linkbuilders” often underestimated. Business directories as “Yellow Pages” are still used by many people on the Internet. Unlike most web directories, companies maintain consistency, which means that a link from these sites retain their value. Directories of companies working professionally, are qualified by Google as trustworthy websites.

Number of links Business Directories Winners Losers Conclusion

Many (more than 14% backlinks) 0% 0% Neither the victors nor the vanquished have created many links on these sites

Some (1-14% backlinks) 30% 25% For those who have several references from business directories are the winners and losers matched

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