Types of Links for SEO Part 4

Rating: 6

seo marketingConclusion: Links Directory high quality company should not be left out. Even when registration is paid, is not evaluated as buying links but as traditional advertising.

3 links from Blogs

Definitely IBS!

SEO and links in blogs

The links to weblogs

Winners: 27%

Losers: 10%

Ratio: 3: 1

The range of links on blogs Click Depot Atlanta is very large, making analysis difficult. One thing is clear: After 2.0 upgrade Penguin, Penguin 2.1, 3.0 and Zebra Germany vs Brazil 7: 1, the winners are nearly three times more links in blogs versus losers. A good link from a blog always provides us with very valuable. … However, it is necessary to completely avoid blogs that were built with the purpose of selling links, networks or blogs. These blogs are degraded to the level of … article directories. therefore, the quality of the blogs prevails over quantity.

Number of links in the Blogs Winners Losers Conclusion

Many (more than 14% backlinks) 80% 25% The vast majority of winners after the Penguin, have many links to weblogs

Some (1-14% backlinks) 20% 75% Among those links on blogs some more losers

Few (less than 1% of inbound links) 0% 0% Here you can see which blogs dominate the internet

Note: 7

Conclusion: We should continually build links on blogs. Most winners are continually creating links on blogs.

2. links and videos: YES!

SEO and links in forums

Links forums

Winners: 34%

Losers: 9%

Ratio: 4: 1

Links forums give us spectacular results. This is because the winning sites usually provide content that is often mentioned in the forum. However, we can not forget the fact that the links are natural forums – only! – If they are well constructed. For Google, it’s easy to see the number of messages and the account has been created for the sole purpose of obtaining a quick reference. It is also clear that the links of the forums that are thematically related to the target page are more valuable than links from the general discussions.

Number of links Winners Losers Poster Conclusion

Many (more than 14% backlinks) 80% 20% also in the case of the board are the winners who have many links of this type

Several (1-14% backlinks) 20% 40% Twice losers than winners have some links

Few (less than 1% of inbound links) 0% 40% None of the winners had few links forums, while nearly half of the pedredores YES

Note: 2

Conclusion: Natural links forums are highly valued. If you look at the profiles of the major brands, most have a lot of links in the discussions. Therefore, this is a clear signal.

1 Links to Authority: Yes, yes and absolutely yes!

SEO and links with authority

A link authority

Winners: 8.9%

Losers: 0.9%

Ratio: 10: 1

“A gem” among the links are definitely high quality links from sites with authority. This type of link is called “authority links”. In our study, we have seen, the links with authority, the biggest difference with your application between winners and losers. The winners, after Google update, they have high confidence links losers 10 times.

How to get the “authority links”? …. in newspapers, magazines and portals, which on the internet or in the real field, have real authority and have been published as technical reports, scholarly articles or press releases.

Number of links with Authority Winners Losers Conclusion

Many (more than 14% backlinks) 5% 0% So far, only a few “linkbuilders” create links with authority

Some (1-14% backlinks) 50% 20% among those with at least some authoritative references, there are many winners

Few (less than 1% of inbound links) 45% 80% Almost everywhere losers are dedicated to creating links with authority

Rating: 9

Conclusion: links with authority, his “weirdness” on the World Wide Web, is a real gem for positioning. However, there is also an upper limit. If you share links with authority over 15%, Google might ask why we only get links … extraordinary strength. and naturalness?

Getting good link for your website is not as prepared or latte or making a shoe or a lollipop. Actually it is a RECOMMENDATION, a vote of confidence in our website, an assessment of its content and an invitation to visit our website for visitors to that other web that binds us. A recommendation is not something you can build or buy. The recommendations you have to win the creating quality content, and to provide meaningful value. Try to think of links as you have something to gain and something that depends much more on quality than quantity. The link building is a dialogue and not a simple request

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