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seo marketingLink Building and 9 types of links that might help you or break

The biggest mistake you can make is to see Google Hummingbird seo update http://clickdepotatl.com as a reason to do another “upgrade” process of link building and SEO. For example, if we have so far followed a rigid strategy of building links with this formula: – 50% of links by Brand – 25% by keyword – 15% similar semantically – 10% generic, now that it has passed the Google Hummingbird, one could “infer” that maybe it’s time to update that strategy some “classier” as:

- 70% bonds brand

- 20% semantically similar

- 10% by keywords.

Well .. or maybe? :

- 67% bonds brand

- 20.4% semantically similar

- 13.6% by keywords.

Well, I think it’s best to try to create a new “formula” in this way:

- Publish quality content

- Write articles for readers

- Provide a good experience for visitors

- Configure the authorship

- With quality content to respond to users’ questions

Linkbuilding is increasingly difficult

Did you know …? This applies to text links, use dofollow and nofollow links, content … .. This study focuses on the specific question of what proportion of the different types of links that lead to a successful linkbuilding.

How exactly has been done?

Specifically, a reference profile 20 winners and 20 losers, after updating the Penguin was analyzed, and the profiles associated with about 80,000 links from different domains were examined.

Here are some interesting facts:

Winners are twice as deep links (links to secondary pages) than losers (59% to 29%)

Losers use nearly three times the main keyword that winners (28% to 11%)

The losers are twice as links to their homepages winners (14% and 6%)

On May 4 links losers can “go around the world” (directories …), and if there are only winners May 2 links (81% to 35%)

Creating links and study results

SEO linkbuilding links

brief analysis

80% of the winners has many links to discussion forums while 85% had a large number of links from blogs

60% of the winners do not have links to news aggregators

95% of the winners do not have any link to the sites targeted for publishing articles

80% of the losers has links to authoritative sites

Winners have 10 times more authority links to the losers

 SEO and link types

Comparison of the nine types of links

9 links from directories, articles

No! No ..! and NO!

 SEO Directory and Articles

 Links from article directories

 Winners: 0.4%

Losers: 16%

Ratio: 1: 40

 Links from directories for publishing articles are, by far, the worst of the worst. It is curious that references these items have little or no visibility in the search engines. Article directories have been created solely for the creation of “links” and up to 99% of the articles created no value to the reader. …. Remember -> quality, quality and quality.

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