What is the Essence of SEO

seo needsThe essence of SEO, for many years, nothing has changed. But that does not mean that the form of “Search Engine Optimization” is not developing. For now, I think there are three main areas that I recommend to focus on:

- Participation in the global marketing SEO by http://clickdepotatl.com with maximum importance to “authorship

- A broader look at SEO through analysis

- Advanced use of information “between the lines” of Google through its Google Webmaster Tools.

Authorship is the future  buzzword

The use and meaning of “inbound” continues to grow; it is a link in your web with other free activities (social, online PR, content creation) marketing. In my opinion, it all revolves around one key element: the authorship”.

An author of quality, expertise of a certain subject, has to search engines is a crucial signal: a web quality does not create quality content, but the authors. This approach is just a start, we are learning to measure and evaluate the authorship (Author Klout or rank), and do not know how much influence arrange the pages in search engines.

But already feel the potential of authority like me?
The benefits of search engines through “Customer Journey”

How can you evaluate the benefit of SEO? With the number of traffic from search engines?
And is this enough?

An increasingly important metric is shared from search engines, ie income, profit in which visitors to the search engines (organic revenue in multichannel) participated. This measure helps us to “readthe benefits of better SEO. Same as banner ads views- measure “last view”, not the click, SEO is not only advisable to measure the number of sales, in which the SEO was on the tip of the conversion path (Last Click conversion). Search engines not only serve as a channel to close sales, but also as a way to establish contact with the customer (The lateral keywords) and support in purchasing.

Therefore, SEO is integrated throughout the life cycle of the customer (Customer Journey) tool.
Read between the lines information Google Webmaster Tools

An amazing tool that helps us a lot in the world of SEO is Google Webmaster Tools. This great tool is continuously developing new services.

Besides information Search Engine Optimization allows us to obtain valuable information difficult to find elsewhere. With the number of prints, the percentage of clicks and average position, we can see how our words are stuck in the game.” This is where we see if Google likes our “moves”, and if it reacts positively.

Compare the number of searches for a word Google AdWords number prints on the Google Webmaster Tools.
¿Cubres most searches?
What words have the greatest potential to increase traffic?
How is evolving the number of impressions and CTR on pages and specific words?

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